Our Services

Yes, there was a Dr. Anderson! The hospital was established in 1942 by the late Dr. Norm Anderson. He was a progressive thinker and a leader in the ever evolving practice of veterinary medicine. Dr. Anderson was renowned for his work in Equine medicine throughout the country. After retiring, he sold the practice in 1961 to Dr. Ross Major. Dr. Major practiced successfully until retiring in 1990. The current practice owner, Dr. Ron Worb took over in 1988.

We are very proud to be 'Caring for pets and the people for 70 years'. Not many veterinary hospitals can say they have served clients for generations, but we can!

Over the decades, our hospital has evolved with the ever changing profession of veterinary medicine. We have always striven to meet the needs of our patients and their people. Recently, our hospital felt that moving towards a more preventative and integrative way of practicing veterinary medicine was the best solution for increasing overall companion animal wellness. It was then decided 'and Wellness Center’ would follow the longstanding title of Anderson Animal Hospital.

Anderson Animal Hospital and Wellness Center is a small animal clinic serving our feline and canine companions and their people. We offer:
  1. Annual Wellness Exam
  2. Behavioural Consultations
  3. Complementary Medicine
  4. Dental Care
  5. Dentistry
  6. Digital Radiology
  7. Euthanasia
  8. Grooming
  9. Prescription Diets
  10. Senior Pet Wellness
  11. Spaying & Neutering
  12. Titer Testing
  13. Vaccinations
  14. Veterinary Acupuncture