My Dog

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As a dog person you are well aware of the impact your canine companion has on your life. Dogs become part of your family so their health and wellness is very important for everyone. Different breeds have different health concerns. Large compared to small breed dogs have separate wellness needs. This is part of the reason why at AAHWC we feel an individual wellness program for your dog is necessary because we feel you just can't put all dogs in the same category, their needs truly are based around their individual breed and of course their life stage.

Puppies can make us smile, laugh and sometimes cry as they get into things we never imagined they could. Be prepared to child proof your home because they will chew almost anything in sight (and out of sight). Even an the early stages, consistant messages to puppies around the basics of obedience will help them grow into adult dogs that share your life rather than add frustration.

At age 1 we typically consider your dog to be an 'adult' and for the next 7 years their health will be evaluated as such.

Senior dogs are usually mellow and starting to go a bit 'grey' but still act like 'puppies' during a romp in the snow, a swim in the lake or get excited when you say the word 'walk'.

Some specific health issues that dogs experience can be found in Dog Diseases and Conditions. Don't forget as well about Heartworm and Lyme Disease!